On Maine Maple Sunday

by Greg Linscott

Tomorrow is Maine Maple Sunday. This has been a favorite day for our family since we moved to Maine. Our town of Skowhegan boasts being one of the top producing maple syrup lKati stands next to a pot of boiling sap on Maple Sunday 2005ocations in the USA (I know, quite impressive, really- try to contain your excitement). Our usual stop is Strawberry Hill Farm. Our kids get to try fresh maple taffy, watch the sap get boiled down to syrup, eat ice cream topped with (what else) maple syrup… but their favorite thing is buying cotton candy spun from maple sugar- it is really good!

I like Maple Sunday because it reminds me of the blessing of our land- even the trees burst forth with sweetness. It is also a reminder to me that spring is on the way- which can be a good thing- though for us, it also means that the blackflies will soon be out in full force! But the thing I like most about it is it is a memory our family gets to share- a small tradition that will linger in our minds and remind us of the blessings of family.

Thank you, Lord.

Jennifer and Dori on Maple Sunday 2005