Choice Cuts- 14 June 2006

by Greg Linscott

Choice CutsNOTE: I am beginning a feature here at the FMM I am calling “Choice Cuts.” These will be audio selections I have found to be personally edifying, in hopes that you might as well.

“O Come Let Us Adore Him”– Dr. Kevin Bauder
Text: John 1

This message was delivered at the 2006 Bible Conference at BJU. My only gripe is the announcer at the end ruins a beautifully presented conclusion. Bauder explains the the reason there must be “God- the Word” and “God- Not the Word,” and calls for his listeners to marvel and adore our Savior. He also shares a rather fascinating story about an opportunity he had to speak of Christ with a Jehovah’s Witness.

“The Centrality of the Word”– Dr. Colin Smith
Texts- Nehemiah 8
This messages was delivered at a one day conference at West Cannon Baptist Church in Belmont (suburb of Grand Rapids), Michigan. I have just recently become aware of Colin Smith, who teaches at BBC Clarks Summit and serves with Bibles International. This message makes me want to learn more. This message by Smith is a very timely reminder of the centrality and non-negotiability of preaching the Word in our worship. Many great points- you won’t regret the time you take to listen.

“This Book will change lives. My job is simply to make it available to you.”

“When the pulpit is removed from the platform, it tells you there has been a change in philosophy of ministry- that now music is the center of worship, and not the Word. If that is the choice that God has given to you and your church, it’s absolutely none of my business. I’m going to tell you I don’t like it- you know, that’s my business. It’s not our business to tell someebody else what to do. But somebody can walk into your church and see what is the center.”

“The centrality of the Word and the sovereignty of God are what will build the church, and when we’re giving ourselves to everything but that, we have sold our birthright for a mess of pottage- and we’re in trouble.”