Choice Cuts- 22 June 2006

by Greg Linscott

John Hartog IIIThe Lessons of Grace“- Dr. John Hartog III

Text: Titus 2:11-15

John Hartog III is someone you should get acquainted with. A relatively young man, he is currently serving as acting president of my alma mater, Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. He is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Cambridge, Iowa, and is a member of the GARBC Council of 18. This message, preached in chapel at Clearwater Christian College, presents a very vivid illustration running through it of the true freedom in God’s sovereignty we enjoy as believers. “Third John” (as he is affectionately know at FBBC) also makes some very pointed and pertinent application on worldliness in this message.

“Understanding the KJV Controversy”- Pastor Chuck Phelps
Texts: Various
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

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A wonderfully balanced series on the current controversy from someone, who, like me, continues to use the KJV in the ministry of his church. I have found this series very helpful.