“O God, we with our ears have heard”

by Greg Linscott

NOTE: This is our Psalm of the Month at Faith Baptist Church for July 2006

From Psalm 44

O GOD, we with our ears have heard,
Our fathers have us told,
The work that in their days thou didst
Even in the days of old.

Thy hand did drive the heathen out,
And plant them in their place;
The nations all thou didst afflict,
But them thou didst increase.

But now we are cast off by thee;
Thou puttest us to shame;
And when our armies forth do go,
Thou goest not with them.

Thou mak’st us from the enemy
To turn back in dismay;
And they, who hate us, for themselves
Our spoils do take away.

O wherefore hidest thou thy face?
Forgett’st our cause distressed,
And our oppression? For our soul
Down to the dust is pressed:

Our body also on the earth
Fast cleaving hold doth take.
Rise for our help, and us redeem,
Even for thy mercies’ sake.