Back to School

by Greg Linscott

The last year or so online has increased my desire to pursue more formal education. I am prayerfully considering beginning the Master of Arts in Theology modular program at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Minnesota. In all seriousness, please pray- finances are very tight for us, and tuition and travel expenses are really not within our financial means at the moment. However, if the Lord wants me to go, I’m certain He will provide the way.

Anyway, in perusing the blogosphere early this morning, I came across this post at Justin Taylor’s blog. After sending the link to my friend Ryan Martin, we agreed that there was fodder for a derivative blog post of some nature. What follows below is the result.

Bauder Is My Homeboy

I got to thinking- perhaps there is some potential here for helping with the financial shortfall. What do you think, Dr. Bauder? 8)