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by Greg Linscott

Abby and friend, pre-op

Many have been asking how our daughter is doing after surgery. Here is the latest.

Abby came home Friday afternoon. She continues to be strong in spirit, and is getting there in body. She has some lingering numbness in her legs after the epidural, but that was taken care of quickly.

Dad reads The Last Battle while waiting for the 'green light'

Jennifer gave good reports overall on both Abby’s recovery and behavior while in the hospital. While recovering in the hospital, Abby completed five crafts, and managed to get her normal (and hearty) appetite back rather quickly.

with Mom & Dad

Since they removed the catheter, she has experienced a bit of discomfort when she empties her bladder, which the doctor says is normal. Still, it has been a bit unpleasant for her. She should be getting some prescribed drugs that will help ease that pain soon, though.

Jennifer is resting as I type. She needs to catch up on her rest, and is glad to be home. In room guest beds are never particularly comfortable- I’m sure that’s even less true at 8 months pregnant!

Thanks all for your prayers and encouragement. It is much appreciated. This scenario has made me very thankful for the overall good health we enjoy by God’s grace!

Abby and New Friends