New Hymn Discovery: “O God Beyond All Praising”

by Greg Linscott

I was listening to the December 31, 2006 service of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and heard them sing a hymn I hadn’t heard before. I found it compelling, and perhaps you will as well. To appreciate it fully, you should hear the Tenth congregation sing it (mp3, 3.19 MB) with Paul Jones’ stirring organ accompaniment.

O God Beyond All Praising
By Michael Perry

O God beyond all praising,we worship You today
And sing the love amazing that songs cannot repay;
For we can only wonder at every gift You send,
At blessings without number and mercies without end:
We lift our hearts before You and wait upon Your Word,
We honor and adore You, our great and mighty Lord.

Then hear, O gracious Savior, accept the love we bring,
That we who know your favor may serve you as our King;
And whether our tomorrows be filled with good or ill,
We’ll triumph through our sorrows and rise to bless You still:
To marvel at Your beauty and glory in Your ways,
And make a joyful duty our sacrifice of praise.

I found a pdf of the arrangement here (though the text in the PDF is a bit scattered).