Resources on Music & Culture I have found helpful

by Greg Linscott This article, “The Future of Fundamentalist Music,” might be a good start.

2005 Conference on the Church for God’s Glory The audio here is helpful, particularly Bauder’s lecture on “Meaning and Morality” and “A Christian Theology of Culture”. Entries from Makujina, Aniol, and Williquette are also helpful.

Singing and Making Music by Paul S. Jones is a book I have found useful.

2007 Gheens Lecture Series with Ken Myers at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • “American Protestants and the Problem of Tradition”
  • “The Problem of Contextualization in a Decadent Culture”
  • “New Wine in Blue Suede Shoes? Christianity and Pop Culture,” Panel Discussion with Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Dr. Mark Coppenger, and Ken Myers
  • “Recovering the Word in an Image-based Culture”
  • “Electronic Media and Restless Souls”

The lecture offered here by Keith Getty is something I have found compelling. I don’t endorse most of the musical styles he employs, but there is something about his concern for good hymnody that resonates with me.