Youth Ministry and “Disposable” Methods

by Greg Linscott

trash.jpgAn interesting quote provided in the DallasNews Religion Blog from an interview with Mark Yaconelli, author of Contemplative Youth Ministry:

In working with churches, he says there are a number of approaches that can work, “but the key to any of them is to slow down and really pay attention to where kids are right now, in the present moment.”

Lots of pop culture models – high tech gadgetry and “garage praise bands” – “aren’t going to last,” Yaconelli believes. “But every now and then we hit on something that works.”

Now, I don’t think Yaconelli’s answer (emergent spirituality) is any better than the pop forms he’s realizing aren’t going to last. However, it is interesting to note that even those on the “cutting edge” of broader evangelical ministry realize the throwaway nature of their “contemporary” methods.