God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again

by Greg Linscott

My dad took some pictures of our last day at Faith. You can see them here.

We’d appreciate your prayers as we travel on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be driving the truck with Jennifer following in the van.

To any of our Faith Skowhegan family reading- words cannot express my love and gratitude. We will miss you all terribly. I am privileged to have known you and served with you. May the Lord’s grace be with you as you enter this next phase.

When Paul was parted from his friends
It was a weeping day;
But Jesus made them all amends,
And wiped their tears away.

Ere long they met again, with joy,
(Secure no more to part)
Where praises every tongue employ,
And pleasure fills each heart.

Thus all the preachers of his grace
Their children soon shall meet;
Together see their Savior’s face,
And worship at his feet.

But they who heard the word in vain,
Though oft, and plainly, warned;
Will tremble, when they meet again
The ministers they scorned

On your own heads your blood will fall
If any perish here
The preachers, who have told you all,
Shall stand approved, and clear.

Yet, LORD, to save themselves alone,
Is not their utmost view;
Oh bear their prayer, thy message own,
And save their hearers too.
-John Newton