Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

by Greg Linscott

Internet… ahhhh…

I am typing at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids. We have landed safe and sound. The truck is unloaded, and everyone we left Skowhegan with is still with us. It was a grueling trip, but the Lord kept us safe and alert.

This was the first time I have ever moved and taken an animal with us. Our cat Peter (as in Peter Pevensie) made the adjustment to traveling in the truck pretty well- he had settled down by the time we reached I-95, to the point where we ditched the travel carrier and gave him free range of the truck cabin. We did discover that he was not a “flight risk”- he was practically paralyzed with fear anytime we removed him from the cabin (with a leash and harness), and was always very happy to re-enter the truck.

Wednesday night, we ended up staying in a Days Inn in Syracuse, NY. BTW, if you are ever needing a place to stay and you have a family, I would give it a recommendation. The hotel is a little old, but we ended up in a room with 2 queen beds, a pull-out bed in a loveseat, and a wheeled-in crib, and paid $66 (plus a $10 fee for the privilege of keeping Peter with us). Peter seemed to adjust to the room all right. We laid out some food and water (bigger dishes than he’d had in the truck), and brought in the litter box. He made himself comfortable, and after 30 minutes of Animal Planet, mom and dad and the kids were out. We took our time in the morning (mom and dad slept very little on Tuesday night), and by about 9:30 we were ready to embark for points west. We brought our luggage back to the vehicles, and Jennifer asked the girls to find Peter.

After about 5 minutes, they insisted he was nowhere to be found. At first, we figured it was a case of kids not wanting to look hard enough so we insisted they look again. After another 5 minutes, we decided to expedite the process and help them. Lo and behold, we could not find him either. I began to grow a little concerned. We picked up the hotel beds, moved the furniture, looked under blankets and towels… no Peter. The girls eyes were growing red, and mom and dad were becoming anxious.

Jennifer left the room and started roaming the hallways. She took the girls, and asked the cleaning staff if they had seen a cat in the hall. The girls went outside and asked the men repaving the parking lot if they had seen a cat dart out. No one had seen him.

I was in the room, looking for any nook or cranny he could have climbed into. Back in Skowhegan, Peter was always crwaling in the heating ducts and finding little places in the basement to crawl into. I saw no such places in the room. I paused, and asked the Lord for strength and wisdom to deal with three little girls who had lost their cat.

Suddenly, I noticed that the boxspring on one of the beds had loose fabric on it side- up near the top, where the matress would rest. I picked up the bed for the tenth time or so and looked under- again, no Peter. BUT- there inside the boxspring- a familiar gray and white feline was contentedly burrowed in.

There was great rejoicing.

Please pray for us as we continue to make adjustments here. I will update you further as the Lord directs (and we get regular internet access!).