I’m Thinking Arby’s…

by Greg Linscott

arbys.jpgWell, after job hunting for about a month with no apparent success, I am starting work on a lunch shift at an Arby’s restaurant in Grand Rapids tomorrow. I interviewed with them today, and with my previous experience in Iowa, I could very easily have a job that would offer a comfortable salary to support my family in Minneapolis (with the thought of ultimately taking seminary classes at Central). However, I am not prepared to commit to that direction- but as I ponder, pray, and seek the Lord’s guidance, any income I can bring in to feed the family and pay bills is a good thing. I have been contacted by several churches, and had a somewhat serious conversation with at least two of them. As you think of my family and I, please pray that the Lord will make things plain. Pray that our patience and faith would abound. We praise Him for His providence (demonstrated graciously even through the generosity of some of you who read this blog).

Breathe from the gentle South, O LORD,
And cheer me from the North;
Blow on the treasures of thy word,
And call the spices forth!

I wish, thou know’st, to be resigned,
And wait with patient hope;
But hope delayed fatigues the mind,
And drinks the spirit up.

Help me to reach the distant goal;
Confirm my feeble knee;
Pity the sickness of a soul
That faints for love of thee.

Cold as I feel this heart of mine,
Yet since I feel it so;
It yields some hope of life divine
Within, however low.

I seem forsaken and alone,
I hear the lion roar;
And every door is shut but one,
And that is mercy’s door.

There, till the dear Deliv’rer come,
I’ll wait with humble prayer
And when he calls his exile home,
The Lord, shall find me there.

-William Cowper