Learning Contentment

by Greg Linscott

Life isn’t what I thought it would be, oh, 2, 3 months ago. Working at a fast-food restaurant as a crew member for $8.75 an hour is not what I expected to be doing. Today I received my first official rejection letter from a church. I even broke my glasses in a freak incident while trying to clean them.

Yet, there are things to be thankful for. I found an old pair of glasses (which thankfully were not buried in a box in storage). It is better to have the church reject me now than to have major disagreements and problems later down the road. And even $8.75 an hour is better than no income at all. We are in a good church situation with our new family at Westside- Pastor Sam and Jill have been used of the Lord greatly and been quite encouraging to us. It also seems that our family has been in a good position to help the church as well.

Still, please do pray for us as you think of it. Pray that the Lord will make his will clear for us in His good time. Pray for patience and the continued supply of God’s good grace and providence. Pray for my in-laws and our family to continue to peacefully coexist as time goes on. But most importantly, pray for us to learn better the lessons of Philippians 4:11, as reflected on here by William Cowper:

Fierce passions discompose the mind,
As tempests vex the sea,
But calm, content and peace we find,
When, Lord, we turn to Thee.

In vain by reason and by rule
We try to bend the will;
For none but in the Saviour’s school
Can learn the heavenly skill.

Since at His feet my soul has sate,
His gracious words to hear,
Contented with my present state,
I cast on Him my care.

“Art thou a sinner, soul?” He said,
“Then how canst thou complain?
How light thy troubles here, if weigh’d
With everlasting pain!

“If thou of murmuring wouldst be cured,
Compare thy griefs with mine!
Think what my love for thee endured,
And thou wilt not repine.

“‘Tis I appoint thy daily lot,
And I do all things well;
Thou soon shalt leave this wretched spot,
And rise with me to dwell.

“In life my grace shall strength supply,
Proportion’d to thy day;
At death thou still shalt find me nigh,
To wipe thy tears away.”

Thus I, who once my wretched days
In vain repinings spent,
Taught in my Saviour’s school of grace,
Have learnt to be content.