Introducing Valor Summer Conservatory

by Greg Linscott

Valor Summer Conservatory

An old friend of mine, Dr. Stan Eby, has started a new ministry for musicians. Known as Valor Summer Conservatory, it provides a program to allow musicians to continue to hone their skills and abilities over the summer in a Christ-centered environment. Dr. Eby is currently a member of the music faculty at BJU, and was one of the earliest influences in my life and training the Lord used to shape my own convictions in the area of music and worship (though at the time he was probably wondering if he was having any effect!).

Some of you who follow the fundamentalist blogosphere will also be interested to note that Pastor Mike Harding of First Baptist of Troy, MI is on the board of this endeavor, and that two of his daughters serve as faculty members. Also, as I understand it, there will be articles and other resources available on the VSC site in coming days.