Why I Love Brian McCrorie

by Greg Linscott

Recently, an online friend of mine has mentioned that he feels he has wasted time in a conversation with me. Frankly, that’s a bit disappointing, particularly because he seems to think that in the process I haven’t been very loving.

Anyone who has followed the Fundamentalist Blogosphere knows that there has probably not been a person who agrees with me less than Brian McCrorie (whom I affectionately think of as BMc). That being said,I do believe Brian is a dear brother in Christ, and there are things I admire about him.

1. Brian is Loyal
Brian stands up for his friends- even when they may have been involved in unpopular, controversial matters. I can only imagine that Brian would be the kind of man you would find next to you as Paul did with Luke in 2 Timothy 4:11.

2. Brian is Passionate
I have often thought to myself that Brian doesn’t know how to be passive about much of anything. From his feverish embrace of Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to his frequent promotion of Sharper-Iron-The-Best-Website-EVER, Brian is obviously a man of great enthusiasm. He brings to mind Ecclesiastes 9:10a (KJV)-

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;

3. Brian is Sensitive
Brian strikes me as a man of sensitivity and compassion. In this day of self-absorption and selfishness, this is truly something that should be lauded (Ephesians 4:32).

Brian, though we don’t often see eye to eye, you are my brother in Christ, and I am a better man for knowing you. God bless you in your ministry.