Free Downloadable Bach For Your Portable Media Player

by Greg Linscott

I found a resource some of you might find of interest. Spiral Frog appears to be targeted (like most music stores) to the music of the masses, but if you search a little, you will find several treasures buried amongst the other stuff. I found several Bach offeringswhen I searched for “Bach” in the “Album” field. Make sure you check “Available for Download” after you receive your initial search results.

These are “free” DRM downloads- the catch is you need to take a short survey once every 30 days to make sure the files are playable. If you download them to a WMA compatible player (sorry, iPod types), you will need to sync your player to your computer every week or so to renew the license so they can be played.

So far, I have found a nice recording of the Goldberg Variations, a recording of Mozart’s arrangement of Handel’s Messiah, and a nice compilation of hymns by the Huddersfield Choral Society. The files are compatible with my player (a Toshiba Gigabeat S60).

You can’t beat the price.