Hi, I’m Greg Linscott, And I’m A Candidate For Plastic Surgery…

by Greg Linscott

I just wanted to write an update on my current status, and thank those of you who have been praying and such. This past August 5, I was involved in an accident on my Honda scooter. I had left for a trip to visit my friend Tim Barr in Adrian, MN, when the back tire suddenly lost its pressure. The last thing I remember was being about 8 minues or so into my journey and starting to slide (which isn’t the most easing sensation when you’re traveling at 60+ MPH).

This is where I “tipped over.” I was traveling south/west on MN Hwy 23, getting ready to turn off onto Hwy 19 to go south to Adrian when I crashed. I ended up landing in the opposing lane- and fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic traveling the other way at that moment.

This is what I looked like when Jennifer saw me, I was apparently discovered by motorists who traveled behind me, Though I don’t remember it, I was apparently conscious enough to remove my helmet after they loosened the chin straps. I was taken to the hospital in Marshall, and then taken from there by helicopter to Sioux Falls, SD, where they called Jen, told her where I was, then asked for permission to operate. The picture is taken in the ICU at Sioux Falls on Wednesday, which is where I actually have the next memory of after leaving Tuesday.

This is what the scooter looked like after the accident. The windshield, hand brake, and right blinker sustained the most damage. Though it held up remarkably well, all things considered, because of the age and replacement costs, the insurance has totaled the scooter. We have taken the bike and sold it to the mechanic in town who serviced it most recently- he is optimistic that he can get it in running condition again soon.

This past week, I had the stitches over my right eye removed. We were also informed that I would be receiving plastic surgery this week- on Wednesday, to be precise- 6 skin grafts, on both of my knees, both backs of hands, right elbow, and right shoulder.

This is what I am looking like right now, just about 2 weeks after the accident. I am so thankful for my dear wife, Jennifer, who has patiently cared for me during the recovery process. The church family here in Marshall has also been very caring during this time as well. I also want to thank those who have helped with preaching in Marshall during this time- Missionary John Ball, Pastor David DeLeon, and Dr. Jeff Straub. The Lord has been very gracious to us during this time, and to Him be all the glory.