August 21 Surgery Update

by Greg Linscott

My wife Jennifer wrote this on Facebook:

Greg had his skin grafting done on Wednesday in Sioux Falls. The doctor worked quickly and it only took 1 hour for him to remove skin from his right thigh and apply it to the 6 wound sites.

He is comfortable as long as he is sitting still. He is supposed to remain as still as possible to allow the grafts to take. If there is too much movement, the grafts will move around on the wound and the whole process will need to be repeated. When he needs to get up, the pain is intense as the bandages rub against the wounds. The “donor” site is the most sensitive area right now as they basically made a large 1st degree burn to cover his 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

He returns to Sioux Falls on Tuesday for a whirlpool bath where they will remove the staples and see if the grafts were successful. Until then, he has his feet up in a recliner with a big, puffy pillow on his lap so he can still use his computer.

Abby and Dori have their tonsils and adenoids removed tomorrow morning. The Linscott hospital will be hopping with nurse Jennifer and Kati on duty. Reggie will serve as the clown to make everyone smile and our wonderful church family is serving in the cafeteria department. (Baptist women sure know how to cook!!) Everything is going smoothly, but I look forward to the day that I can look BACK on these few weeks.

Thanks again for all your prayers!