Rudeness and Religiosity

by Greg Linscott

I Want To Believe” (Just Not Too Much)“-

Atheists constantly remind us that they cannot be elected president. But what about the deeply, openly religious, those who express their religious devotion through anything more than anodyne ceremony? Yes president Bush can ask the country to pray. But we cannot picture Eugene McCarthy, who led his supporters in the Catholic rosary, winning office either. Atheists may complain that Americans think it rude to say, baldly, “There is no God.” But Americans find it just as rude to say, “There is only one true, holy, and apostolic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.” Or, “there is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” Time magazine once asked, “Is God Dead?” and responded with a vague, non-committal answer. But even today, in supposedly religion-soaked America, Time would never use its cover to ask, “Was Calvin Right About the Doctrine of Total Depravity?” Most Americans, even those who attend church, believe in beliefs — not traditional religions.

HT: Rod Dreher