New Resources In Music and Worship Arenas

by Greg Linscott

A brief entry to highlight some freshly available resources:

Scott Aniol of Religious Affections Ministries has released two new tools. The first is Worship in Song, published by BMH Books. Early recommendations are coming from men like Paul Jones and J. Ligon Duncan to Mike Harding and Chuck Phelps. I have had the opportunity to peruse some of Scott’s early efforts for this book, and I assure you that the book is worth your time. He and his wife, Becky, have also recorded God Himself Is With Us, a rich collection of hymns which you may sample here.

Chris Anderson and friends have launched ChurchWorks Media to make hymns and other resources available. Our congregation here in Marshall has sung “Praise Our Savior, Jesus Christ,” in which one of Chris’s texts was set to music by Paul Jones of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.