“My Heart Rejoices In My God”- an original hymn/adaptation from 1 Samuel 2:1-10

by Greg Linscott

I have written an adaptation of Hannah’s prayer from 1 Samuel 2:1-10. I plan to introduce it as a hymn to be sung by our congregation here in Marshall. Some of you may also find it to be useful. It is provided here in Common Meter Doubled (

My Heart Rejoices In My God

  1. My heart rejoices in my God
    The Lord Who strengthens me.
    In Him I triumph and rejoice
    O’er all my enemies.
    There is none holy like the Lord,
    No other can compare,
    All other gods of wood and stone
    Prove empty, weak, and bare.
  2. Before His face subdue your pride,
    And every scheme you’ve wrought;
    For our God sees and knows the heart,
    Discerns each plan and thought.
    The weapons of the strong give way,
    Each arrow, bow, and sword;
    The weak have found their confidence
    In their Almighty Lord.
  3. The hungry have been satisfied,
    The childless womb revived;
    While those who once enjoyed success,
    Know want where once they thrived.
    The times of birth, of life and death
    Are in the Father’s hands,
    Prosperity and poverty
    Conform to His commands.
  4. He raises up the poor and low,
    Supports them in their need;
    He gives a seat of honor to
    Those who for mercy plead.
    His faithful ones will be secure
    As He will guard their care;
    The wicked ones will be cut off,
    He will not hear their prayer.
  5. God’s enemies will be destroyed—
    The end of all their schemes.
    His kingdom soon will be fulfilled,
    His Son will reign supreme.
    His judgment will set all aright,
    Restore the earth again;
    The God who has supplied our need
    Will rule on earth with men.

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I have also made it available to be printed in PDF, set to ELLACOMBE.