“Speak, Lord, For Your Servant Hears”- An original hymn inspired by 1 Samuel 3:10

by Greg Linscott

I have prepared this hymn, inspired by 1 Samuel 3:10, to be sung by our congregation here in Marshall. It draws its theme from the hymn “Speak, O Lord, Thy Servant Heareth” by An­na So­phia of Hess­en-Darm­stadt, translated by George A. Rygh. Some of you may also find it to be useful. It is provided here in D.

  1. Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears
    Truth intended for my ears.
    To Your words I gladly yield;
    In them is Your will revealed.
    Death my soul would overpow’r.
    May Your Word of life this hour
    Fill my soul with fervency
    That my love may purer be.
  2. Sinners who are hardened, Lord,
    Learn of judgment by Your Word—
    But when they their sins confessed
    Find forgiveness and are blessed.
    I rejoice since I received
    Grace to hear and then believe!
    May my love and fear increase
    Since with You I now have peace.
  3. Lord, Your Word is my soul’s bread;
    By its Truth I have been fed.
    Let its waters o’er me roll;
    Quench the dryness in my soul.
    Light my path; reveal the way
    Through death’s darkness into day.
    With your truth-sword I prevail
    For Your Word will never fail.

  4. Source of Truth, now hear my plea,
    Let Your words take root in me.
    Scatter them on my heart’s ground;
    Let the Spirit’s fruit abound.
    May they in my life remain
    ‘Til the heav’nly prize is gained;
    When, in glory, by Your grace
    I adore You face to face.

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I have also made it available to be printed in PDF, set to ST. GEORGE’S, WINDSOR.