“God’s Glory Has Departed”- An Original Hymn Prompted by 1 Samuel 4

by Greg Linscott

I have prepared this hymn, inspired by 1 Samuel 4, to be sung by our congregation here in Marshall. It draws its theme from the birth of Ichabod in verse 21. Some of you may also find it to be useful. It is provided here in D.

  1. God’s glory has departed
    His law I have despised.
    The path that He has charted
    I’ve twisted and revised.
    My vain imagination,
    My pleasure and my pride,
    My lust’s infatuation,
    Has thrust God’s law aside.
  2. My heart is prone to wander!
    Its passions rule the day.
    Your grace I often squander;
    I follow my own way.
    The truth I’ve contradicted
    Your will changed for my own.
    Your chast’ning now inflicted
    I reap what I have sown.

  3. The guilt of my transgression
    Rests heavy on my heart.
    I come with my confession—
    Your mercy, Lord, impart!
    Forgive me, O my Savior
    And cleanse me from my sin.
    I hate my wrong behavior-
    The reprobate I’ve been.
  4. My sorrow now expressing;
    Your joy I long to see.
    I yearn to have Your blessing
    Restored, O Lord, to me.
    I cannot earn Your favor.
    I stand in need of grace.
    My substitute and Savior
    Must advocate my case.

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We will be singing it to the tune PASSION CHORALE (“O Sacred Head Now Wounded”). One might also find AURELIA (“The Church’s One Foundation”) appropriate.