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Babies having Babies…

Seriously, congratulations to new dad Scott Aniol and his wife Becky on the birth of their new son!


Turnabout is Not Fair Play

Exposure for the sake of the “greater good” of the blogosphere or SI readers in particular is what has been appealed to in the rationale of why this revelation was appropriate to be made by the publisher of this site. In my understanding of what has been offered on this thread, the desire for information about Weiss from secondhand, thirdhand, or even more speculative sources is what is being invited. No attempted contact with Weiss has been referenced.

I can say from personal experience that personal contact and communication with Norm has always been cordial and more open and forthright than one might expect, given the often provocative content of Remonstrans. While I would not endorse all the content or tone he chooses to make public on his site, I don’t believe that the privilege of divulging hearsay (true or not) is a privilege that SI or its Site Publisher had the right to exercise under the circumstances.

As one heavily involved in this site through its history, I have been privy to information, some firsthand and some not, that could me much more explosive or of interest if revealed to the readers/blogosphere in general than this relatively small exposure. Should I now divulge this information for the “benefit” of all? After all, it might help better understand the source of information and perspective of the information offered here.

Of course not. That would be inconsiderate, arrogant, and dishonorable.

The last I looked, Jesus said,

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them… (Matthew 7:12)

There is no exception given by Christ for those who are caustic or harsh in their tone. The duties of humility and subservience are not lifted if not reciprocated.

I would like to go on record as being quite disappointed in these recent proceedings, and saddened by the apparent lack of judgment and integrity evidenced by this decision of my former colleague (whom I still consider a friend and brother).

(This is cross-posted at SI.)


See this.

“Homeschoolers” vs. “Homers”

Tim Challies quotes Douglas Wilson:

Homeschoolers, he says, are “people who have carefully considered all the options available to them in the education of their children, have prayerfully weighed them, and have decided to provide their children with an education at home.” Homers are extremists who “have a completely different attitude toward the process of homeschooling. No longer an instrument or means of educating their children, homeschooling has become, in their hands, a very modern manifestation of home as ideology. In this thinking, home is a defining principle to which everything else must conform. Even the church is brought into the service of the home. Father is no longer a father; he is a prophet, priest and king. Any home is capable of doing anything that is worth doing. A radical home-centeredness takes over, insisting that the home can not only replace the school, but also the church and the civil magistrate, not to mention Safeway and General Motors.”

Many Happy Returns Of The Day…

As heard on RA Radio!

Ryan Martin- Man of The People

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag to my friend (and apparently renowned recording star) Ryan Martin.

The youth group progressive dinner birthday zaniness continues over at Todd Mitchell’s

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Well, I have been doubly tagged by Fred Butler and Chris Anderson, so I suppose I’d better join the One Book Tag game…

1. One book that changed your life (other than the Bible):

Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, edited by John McNeill, translated by Ford Lewis Battles.

This book was my first exposure to serious theology as a Bible Institute student. It helped me see past some of the stereotypical dismissal of the Calvinist position I had been raised under by reading Calvin himself. More importantly, it instilled in me a desire to go beyond the surface and seek to understand the depths of God’s Word. I really appreciate my professor, Peter Van Kleeck, for making us start with Calvin rather than someone “easier to understand.”

2. One book you’ve read more than once:

To The Golden Shore: The Biography of Adoniram Judson by Courtney Anderson

Judson provides a pattern of perseverance in the face of problems that I find inspiring. His early life of rebellion is something I can also identify with, and is a good reminder that God uses many different vessels for His glory.

Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome by R. Kent Hughes rates a close second. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING NEWS: Camera Reveals Stunning Discovery

A “concerned citizen” made this image of Jason Janz’s recent journey to Wheaton College available to me. Thank you to our currently nameless informant- who we will only refer to as “Bob”– for making this alarming photo available to the general public.

Jason Janz at Wheaton College

A closer shot…

Close Up

On A New Filosofo

Infant Filosofo?

Tomorrow, my friend and SharperIron colaborer Austin Matzko will be welcoming his son into the world. Please pray for him and his wife, Melita- she will be having a c-section.

Let’s hope that the baby pictures look better than this one (no offense, Austin)!

Seriously, though- you are in our thoughts and prayers, my friend. Keep us posted!

On Why I Admire Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson and I at the ACCC Convention 2005 Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of making several acquaintances through the blogosphere. I must say, though, that one of the greatest joys of my time blogging has been getting to know Chris Anderson.

Chris pastors TCBC in Ohio, which some assert to be “The Country’s Best Church.” I can’t affirm that. But they do seem to have some great things going for them.

Chris is a member of the Ohio Bible Fellowship- and like one might expect, he possesses all the militancy and tenaciousness one might expect from an OBF separatist. But Chris has a way of being, well, affable. He asks questions, and when he does, he has a way of making it seem he really wants to hear the answers- not gather more information to found new accusations. He is willing to think through issues with you, and even when you may end up disagreeing, you don’t feel like you’ve lost a friend afterwards. While he remains a confirmed
separatist, he does so in a dignified and teachable manner.

Fundamentalism could use more Chris Andersons.

On Sun, Seafood, and Slowing Down

Our Lunch Party
L to R: Maycee, Holly & Dick Stratton, Jennifer & Greg Linscott, Jennie & Bob Bixby, and Joel Tetreau Not pictured: Terry Wild and Dave Burggraff

We are having a wonderful time in Florida. The Clearwater family have been much more than gracious hosts. Here is a shot of our group after enjoying a wonderful meal at Landry’s Seafood House with Dr. and Mrs. Stratton and their lovely daughter Maycee, VP for institutional advancement Terry Wild (he’s behind the camera), and Dr. Burggraff (who left to teach a class before we got his picture).

Today was pretty laid back- we had a chance to attend chapel, tour the campus, eat lunch, and enjoy the 80 degree sunny weather! Jen and I will be attending Hillsdale Baptist Church with the Strattons this evening.

There are a few more pictures from our day at our family photo blog.