Delight Yourself in God Alone- Inspired by Acts 17

by Greg Linscott

This is something I drew on in preparing to preach from Acts 17:22-34.

Delight yourself in God alone
The Lord of earth and Heav’n.
Composer of all nature’s song
The score by Him was penned.
The notes resound among the stars
And thunder o’er the plain.
The Christ Who made them is their King
And sovereign is His reign.

Delight yourself in God alone
Who every need supplies.
He gives his creatures life and breath
And knowledge to the wise.
He has no need, no want, no lack
That someone else provides
His presence transcends space and time
In Him all pow’r abides.

Delight yourself in God alone
Whose likeness each man bears
His image is an attribute
That every person shares.
He made mankind to seek His face
To know Him and be known
Desiring as we grope for Him
That we become His own.

Delight yourself in God alone
And worship at His feet
He will not be confined within
Some grand, elaborate suite
Instead, within our hearts and selves
Our Lord desires to live
He calls us to repentance, and
Stands ready to forgive.

Delight yourself in God alone
This righteous Judge of all.
He promises eternal life
To those His Son will call.
His death atoned for all our sin
His life our hope secures.
This Christ, your only guarantee
In Him, you will endure.