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Free Internet Filtering Options

As a parent with kids who are more and more interested in the internet, I have become more and more interested in installing a content filter on the machines they use, but without having to pay as much as we do again for Internet access in the process. I have discovered K9 Web Protection as a good option for our Windows machines (and for you Mac elitists, there is a Mac beta, too), while DansGuardian has been a viable option for our Ubuntu Linux machines.

Of course, there is no substitute for parental supervision and involvement, but these programs can be useful safeguards as part of that process. Hope the suggestions prove helpful!


Product Review: NKJV Cambridge Pitt Minion Bible

Publisher’s Photo
I have loved Cambridge Bibles for quite some time. My last two primary Bibles have been Cambridge published, and in my opinion, cannot be topped for their superior craftsmanship and durability. So, I was quite excited to learn that Cambridge had decided to make their quality workmanship available in the NKJV. Two formats have been recently been released, a wide margin edition (in a variety of bindings) and a more compact “Pitt Minion” (explanatory link, publisher’s link) edition, which I will be reviewing. Read the rest of this entry »

King of Love: A Review By Greg Linscott

King of Love Official Link (will be operational soon)
Soundforth Singers (Bob Jones University)
To be released March 19, 2008

NOTE TO READERS: Dan Forrest recently asked me to provide a review for the newest recording produced by Soundforth Music. What follows are some of my personal thoughts and observations. This review is cross-posted at CurrentChristian -GJL

Contemplation Encouraged
Overall, I found the recording to be refreshingly meditative. Familiar hymns such as “Fairest Lord Jesus” and “Be Thou My Vision” are presented in such a way that this listener was drawn to ponder anew the beauty of Christ. The accompaniment on Read the rest of this entry »