Product Review: NKJV Cambridge Pitt Minion Bible

by Greg Linscott

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I have loved Cambridge Bibles for quite some time. My last two primary Bibles have been Cambridge published, and in my opinion, cannot be topped for their superior craftsmanship and durability. So, I was quite excited to learn that Cambridge had decided to make their quality workmanship available in the NKJV. Two formats have been recently been released, a wide margin edition (in a variety of bindings) and a more compact “Pitt Minion” (explanatory link, publisher’s link) edition, which I will be reviewing.

Like An Open Book
This Bible has the best quality binding I have seen, especially in a compact edition.
Open to John’s Gospel
The pages lay open and flat whether you are in Genesis or Revelation or points in between.

Open to Genesis

While the typeface may be small for some users (6.75 font), the text is clear and crisp, and stands out much better than one might expect from the thin paper. I would think that someone with reasonably healthy eyesight could use this Bible for teaching and preaching circumstances with little difficulty.

Size Comparison
(The review copy compared to a standard-sized Ryrie Study Bible and a standard hymnal)
Its size (4.75 x 6.875 in) and weight makes it convenient for portable situations such as hospital calling or speaking without a pulpit (such as performing a wedding).

Format and Tools
This edition uses paragraph and poetic formatting rather than listing verse by verse the way many used to reading a traditional Cambridge KJV might be accustomed to.

Sample #1 Sample #2
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I personally have enjoyed getting accustomed to the paragraph format, as it helps me visualize verses better as they flow through the context of a passage. Explanatory section headings are also included in the line of the text, as is a useful and fairly thorough center-column cross referencing system that on some pages will overflow into the bottom right column. The “Preface to the New King James Version” is included at the beginning of the volume, and a condensed concordance and map set are included at the back.

In a Word… Quality.
As an admitted “gadget guy,” I enjoy gawking at many of the latest gizmos and electronic devices. That being said, there are some things that just can’t be “electrified”- and this Bible helps one appreciate why. The goatskin leather binding is sufficiently stiff and substantial, yet provides a necessary and comfortable degree of flexibility as well. The “art gilt” edging (red under gold) provides a traditional-feeling aesthetic quality.

I envision getting a lot of use out of this Bible over the next few years. While the cover price may not permit you to rush out and purchase a case of them, those able to invest in one will find that, with appropriate care, the investment will last for years to come. Those looking for a thoughtful and lasting gift (such as an upcoming graduate, for example) would do well to consider this volume.

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